Sarah Alden
Sarah’s research is guided by direct experience of delivering homelessness strategies in the statutory sphere and takes an analytical approach to the shifting dynamics of statutory homelessness services concentrating on the point of deliver and with specific reference to older people.

Steven Corbett
Steve’s research focuses on the concept of social empowerment within the framework of social quality. This centres on the empowering potential of participatory democracy in theoretically grounded case studies, concentrating on social relationships based on the democratic values of freedom, equality and solidarity.

Dr Liam Foster
Liam is a Lecturer of Social Work in the Department, at the University of Sheffield. Liam’s research  focus has largely been on gender differences in pension acquisition and is currently second supervising two students working on topics which include: research on family care for older people in Trinidad and Tobago; and perceptions of disability.

Matthew Hanchard
Matthew’s research explores the use of new media maps and related practices. This specifically focuses on the ways in which new media map use fits within the configuration of other practices, and the extent to which it affects spatial practices. This compares new media map use within case specific spatial processes.

Alexandra Sherlock
Alex’s research focusses on footwear and contributes towards a wider research project entitled: ‘If the Shoe Fits: Footwear, Identity and Transition’. The project is funded by the ESRC; for more information about Alex’s research interests and If Shoe Fits, you can visit the project’s website here.

Gregory White
Gregory is an ESRC funded student in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York, his research concerns social movements and (global) social policy. In particular, the recent wave of occupation-based protests that have attracted media attention for their opposition to excesses of global financial corporations.

Edward Wright
Edward is an ESRC funded student at the University of Nottingham where he is researching the lived experience of electronic monitoring under the Home Detention Curfew. He holds a BA Social Policy & Sociology, University of Sheffield and an MSc Social & Cultural Theory, University of Bristol.